Capital Raise Via The NASD VentureRamp – A CrowdfundingPlatform

NASD PLC is a solution-oriented central infrastructure provider that has a focus on creating liquidity for investors and raising capital for enterprises in the most transparent and orderly manner possible.

We provide services for securities trading, stock market transactions, financial information and payment transactions and operate as a full securities exchange and an alternative market for capital raising. We cater to enterprises of varying sizes via:

  • NASD Over-The-Counter [OTC] Securities Exchange – Our OTC market plays a critical role in creating transparency, price discovery and capital raise opportunities for public companies that are not listed on any other Stock Exchange in Nigeria.
  • NASD Enterprise Portal (NASDeP) – NASDeP is a portal that eases the capital raising process for high growth companies. It is an online environment that encourages growth enterprises to release structured information about their performance, operations and requirements to a select audience of venture capital, private equity and other accredited investors who are seeking investment opportunities.
  • NASD VentureRamp – The NASD VentureRamp is a crowdfunding portal that facilitates capital raise for enterprises seeking to fund projects (expansion, new product development etc.) of varying sizes. VentureRamp provides an opportunity for enterprises to source funds for a project by asking a specific or large number of contributors to individually donate towards the project.

NASD VentureRamp

The NASD VentureRamp is ideally suited for enterprises to raise capital for the execution of developmental projects. The VentureRamp provides a secure and transparent platform through which enterprises can raise funds via a private crowdfunding campaign from an approved number of crowdfunding investors or from the investing public.

Overview on How It Works

The VentureRamp crowdfunding portal is suited to organizations of all sizes seeking to raise funds from either a small or large number of investors. The fund raising campaign is typically set up accordingly especially for private crowdfunding campaigns:

  1. Campaign Creation – A fund raising campaign is created on the VentureRamp portal for the enterprise seeking to raise funds. The organization’s developmental project is showcased along with plans and information that potential investors may require.
  • Access for Investors and Enterprise – A link shall be made available for interested investors and donors to contribute towards the campaign on VentureRamp. Enterprises raising funds shall also be provided access to the portal to monitor the progress of the campaign.
  • Trustee Account – All monies contributed by the investors shall be held by a trustee for safe keeping and to ensure prompt disbursement of funds once the target amount has been achieved.
  • Campaign Close & Fund Disbursement – At the end of the campaign, once all funds have been received by the trustee and the campaign comes to a close. The trustee shall then transfer the funds to the enterprise raising funds less commissions and charges incurred.

NASD fully understands that various enterprises have their unique requirements when it comes to fund raising. The NASD VentureRamp is uniquely suited to take into account these requirements in order to customize the fund raising process to enterprises of various types.


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