Primary Market Offerings

NASD Value offerings for the primary market caters to all forms of capital raisings through the following channels:

Equity: Public, Private, IPO, Structured Products
Debt: Corporate Bonds, Commercial Paper
Others: Blockchain, Crowdfunding

NASD OTC Securities Exchange provides access to capital for companies of all sizes seeking to raise funds from the capital market for their business strategies through either of these platforms – OTC Securities Exchange, NASD Enterprise Portal, NASD Private Markets or through our Structured Crowdfunding platform.


  • simplified listing process driven by our technological capabilities provides you with a shorter time to market to achieve your objectives and strategies.
  • Competitive fee structure designed to ensure funds raised are efficiently utilized
  • Efficient regulation and flexible market structure
  • Growing global investor network for corporate visibility and brand awareness

How to List:

We have several options flexible to meet business nature, needs, capital requirements and strategic objectives.

Listing Options and Service

  • Company Admission
  • Security Admission
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Listing by Introduction
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Right Offerings

Listing Requirements and Procedures

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Size of the Market


Total Securities Listed


Total Market Cap

Whatever your business needs are, we have a market designed to meet your needs
OTC Securities Exchange

Listing & Trading of the shares of public companies (PLCs)

Enterprise Portal

Platform to seek and provide capital for businesses in all stages


Listing and Trading of Digital Securities Assets.

NASD VentureRamp

Crowdfund projects with structure

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