More Recap Of NASD PLC Inugural Annual Business Breakfast Meeting 2019

The Night before elections
This weekend, Nigeria goes to vote for a president. It will determine the fate of the country for the rest
of 2019.
At our poignantly timed business breakfast meeting which held at the MUSON Centre recently, the
keynote speaker reemphasised how critical this weekend is in Nigeria’s history, culture and economy.
The Lagos Business School Scholar and CEO of Kainos Edge – Dr. Doyin Salami examined some facets of
life that have a direct correlation with an electoral outcome.
His expectations from a well-managed defendable, acceptable and decisive electoral process include;
ability to plan production and output; a better defined fiscal and clearer monetary policy; a continued
drive to stimulate non-oil economic activity – factors which would have a direct impact on the country’s
high (and persistent) youth unemployment rate and tight productive margins.
As expected, NASD witnessed fewer trades and less activity than before in this last week. We believe
this weekend may provide an all-important reassurance to investors (both local and foreign) and play a
critical catalyst in stimulating growth in the Nigerian economy. We therefore join the rest of the nation
and the international economic community in looking forward to a transparent, peaceful and decisive
electoral process.